Charter of moderation

How do we foster friendliness and respect?

Our website is intended for those of legal age only, who are polite and respectful of others. It has been designed to ensure a unique and user-friendly experience. It is therefore important for us to ensure that interactions are respectful.

We make sure, at the time of the registration of the Member and the Subscription, that the terms and conditions are respected but we do not check the reality of the information provided or their validity nor do we monitor subsequent modifications of the profile by the member concerned. Similarly, we do not interfere in relations and discussions between members.

Before posting, we invite the user to select carefully the information they want to publish.

Please find the rules to respect below so that posting of your content (photographs, snaps, descriptions, opinions) is approved.

Profile picture

The main profile photo must:

  • Represent the member exclusively;
  • Not represent only unrelated elements (landscape, animals, etc.);
  • Not contain text;
  • Be respectful of the editorial line of our service and of good conduct: no nude, suggestive, sexual or minor pictures;
  • Be of good quality and in a format that allows for optimal display on the site.

It is strictly forbidden for the Member to include personal information on his or her profile, such as: email address, telephone number, last name, address, or texts or messages of an advertising nature.

Written contributions

Publications are free except for publications made for the following purposes which are strictly forbidden: • To communicate your personal details to any other member via the messenger, via webcam chat and any other medium, • For professional, advertising, promotional or commercial purposes (soliciting, prostitution, escorting...) or linking to any external commercial sites, • To harm anyone and in any way whatsoever by broadcasting messages or content that do not respect the laws and regulations in force, good conduct, the rights of third parties, offending the sensibilities of minors or constituting a disturbance to public order. • To provide content (photos, texts, videos) contrary to the provisions of the editorial charter of our service and good conduct. Any infringing content will be systematically removed without notice; • To disseminate any offensive content, personal invective, insult, defamation, threat, incitement to hatred, violence, suicide, terrorism, harassment or threat to another User or third party, • To disseminate any content of a defamatory nature, or that is prejudicial to others because of their origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, or social background; • To disseminate any content infringing on the right to image, the right to privacy, copyright or neighboring rights or the protection of personal data of a third party. • To disseminate any content inciting excessive or inappropriate alcohol consumption, or advocating drunkenness; • To disseminate content intended to degrade the service (viruses, spam, fraudulent profiles etc.); • To disseminate hyperlinks for sites that do not respect the laws in force in their country, illegal and contrary to morality; • Any attempt to defraud, dissemination of commercial or advertising messages, or phishing will result in the immediate and permanent closure of the member account.


Publication of snaps is free except for publications made for the following purposes which are strictly prohibited: • To communicate personal information (address, email, phone numbers) • To provide content contrary to the provisions of the editorial charter of our service and good conduct (alcohol, drugs, violence, nudity of the male sex). These snaps will also not be accepted:

  • snaps representing minors,
  • snaps with advertising logos,
  • snaps representing public figures,
  • snaps depicting a face that does not match the Member's gender,
  • poor quality, blurred or dark snaps,

You can take action

To this end, we also provide you with a "notification of illegal content" link allowing you to report at any time, any illegal or inappropriate content that you may find on the site. This link appears on the profile of each registered member.

You may also report such content by sending an email to the following email address

We are committed to responding once we are notified of content, behaviour or use that is illicit or does not respect the term and conditions and to take the measures that we consider most appropriate to the situation. We reserve the right to remove any content that does not comply with these rules and the TOS.